Fortnite's Hatches have been activated as the Doomsday event looms
Fortnite Season 3 Doomsday event Hatches

Fortnite’s Hatches have been activated as the Doomsday event looms

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Since around the middle of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2, players have wondered what the hatches around The Agency mean. These were first discovered after a mid-season update but didn’t do anything besides look interesting. Of course, with more leaks, we started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. In the game files, many strings of code talk about a Doomsday event.

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Players have speculated that the event directly correlates with the hatches, with some saying that the hatches will explode at the end of Season 2. While we don’t know anything about the event for sure, we do know the hatches have been activated.

The Fortnite Doomsday event begins

With a name like “Doomsday event”, it’s clear why many think this will spark a huge change in Fortnite. As with most seasons, Season 3 will likely see big map changes. The Doomsday event will likely be the direct cause of that.

However, how will the event be carried out? It seems that the Hatches around The Agency are directly involved, as they have begun to bubble.

With the Hatches bubbling, it appears they’re getting ready to do something. What that something is, we don’t know. But the assumption is they will explode or cause an impact somewhere on the Fortnite map. Season 3 has been rumored to feature more water than what Season 2 has, so perhaps the Hatches will eliminate land.

As for when the Doomsday event is set to take place, a counter has been placed in the in-game lobby.

It’s currently unclear what this event will do to Fortnite. Season 3 isn’t set to begin until June 4, so a May 30 start date for the event seems strange. Perhaps Epic Games is planning another multi-day lockout like we had with the introduction of Chapter 2.

What do you think the Hatches will do? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news.

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