Fortnite's Cube, Kevin, wrecks part of Tilted Towers, transforms Loot Lake

Fortnite’s Cube, Kevin, wrecks part of Tilted Towers, transforms Loot Lake

The large, mysterious Cube in Fortnite has reached the end of its journey. Launching itself from a dock, the Cube dissolved into Loot Lake, transforming the water in the process. It appears the very essence of the Cube permeated throughout this infamous location, as Loot Lake, once an idyllic shade of blue, now resembles the same glowing purple of the Cube. This can clearly be seen in the above screenshot, courtesy of Reddit user OortClouud. Furthermore, players who come in contact with the lake’s surface are launched skyward.

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While the reason for this change is unknown, it’s the latest progression of the cryptic, ongoing Season 5 storyline. With the saga of the Cube now at its end, players are eager to see what happens next. First, let’s catch up and take a look at how we got here.

The saga of Kevin, the mysterious Cube

This is the culmination of weeks of activity from the Cube. Originally spawning in Paradise Palms after a series of lightning strikes, the Cube has since slowly traversed its way across the map. Every few hours, the Cube would move from its current location, tilting on an axis and leaving a rune in its wake. These runes consisted of the same mysterious shapes that adorned the surface of the Cube, and now Loot Lake. In addition, each rune was surrounded by a dome-shaped gravity field. Because of the low-gravity effects of these fields, many players speculated the Cube was somehow related to last season’s storyline involving the Visitor. Regardless, the anomaly gained traction with fans far more quickly than it did across the map. The community embraced the oddity, dubbing it “Kevin.”

As Kevin the Cube traveled, players experienced a number of ways to interact with it. Most notably, players found that landing atop the Cube propelled them into the air. This is the same effect caused by the entirety of Loot Lake since the Cube’s submergence. Meanwhile, shooting the Cube resulted in it pushing and damaging nearby players, whereas standing nearby regenerated your shield points. These latter side effects have yet to translate toward interactions with Loot Lake.

Courtesy of Twin Galaxies and Gfycat

Kevin the Cube vs. Tilted Towers

Prior to arriving at Loot Lake, the Cube made a noteworthy stop at Tilted Towers. While players may have expected more carnage from such a large object traveling through the dense area, there was ultimately only one casualty. Last season, Epic promised they would gradually build certain locations, updating them as weeks passed. Locations such as Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot saw weekly renovations, with the former receiving numerous buildings under construction. One building in particular seemed to be in constant disrepair, receiving updates that both built it up and tore it down. Recently, this central building finally saw its completion, though some popular streamers suspected it wouldn’t last.

Today, the building stands leveled once more, a victim to Kevin the Cube.

While the change to Loot Lake is significant, it’s unclear what’s next for the Fortnite island. In particular, we’re curious to see what will develop over the next few days. The first Fortnite Fall Skirmish is this weekend, and fresh mechanics such as the bouncing lake could really change how the game is played. However, given the lukewarm reception to the interference caused by gravity fields during the Summer Skirmish Grand Finals, perhaps Epic will keep an even playing field for now.

Until then, we’d love to hear your predictions in the comments below. Goodbye, Kevin.