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Fortnite is once again collaborating with one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Already forming relationships with Marvel, the NFL, and the John Wick franchise, Epic Games can now add Nike, Air Jordan, and Michael Jordan to that list.

Early Monday morning, Fortnite tweeted out a peculiar set of emojis relating to basketball.

If you follow the NBA at all, chances are you know what this means. The Goat emoji is a representation for “Greatest of All Time.” While that can arguably be several players, the shoes are a dead giveaway.

Coming with tomorrow’s content update, Fortnite will be releasing another collaborative LTM. This time with Air Jordan and its owner, Michael Jordan.

MJ comes to Fortnite

Epic Games is certainly making some lofty connections outside of gaming. With the partnering of Air Jordan, the possibilities seem infinite.

However, unlike the Avengers or John Wick, Michael Jordan isn’t a superhero or warrior. Well, not in the literal sense of the word. So while we know an LTM surrounding him and his shoe company is coming, we have no idea what it will look like.

Usually, with these crossover events, Fortnite does things on a grand scale. Players should expect tons of new cosmetics associated with basketball coming tomorrow along with the LTM.

As for what the actual mode will entail, any guess is a sheer shot in the dark. With Michael Jordan known for his insane athleticism, maybe players will be gifted this ability while wearing Air Jordan sneakers. Or possibly, Fortnite will make a mode surrounding basketball where the goal is to score more baskets than the opposing team.

Fortnite x Michael Jordan crossover LTM event coming soon
The May 21st News Screen in Fortnite

Nike joins the collaboration list

Perhaps no brand more noteworthy than Nike has collaborated with Epic Games to date. Arguably the leader in sportswear globally, Nike is partnered with Air Jordan. This means Nike is obviously on board with the Epic Games alliance.

While Air Jordan is strictly limited to footwear, the future possibilities with Nike are endless. A plethora of athletes, most of whom play Fortnite, are endorsed by Nike. Though it is a long shot, maybe Nike and Epic Games could bring more crossover events like this in the future.

One potential idea is having playable athletes in Fortnite, similar to the Avengers Endgame LTM. Each athlete would possess a different ability specific to their sport with players going around the map using these abilities to win the game.

The Air Jordan event is set to go live tomorrow morning with update v9.10. There will be more downtime than usual for this patch.

What do you think about the new event? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates