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The crossovers don’t seem to be stopping for Fortnite anytime in the near future. Already in the midst of a Borderlands crossover with the Pandora POI, Fortnite is now in collaboration with It: Chapter 2. Releasing today in theaters, It: Chapter 2 seems to have bumped up their marketing strategy. Earlier in the day, several red balloons began popping up in sewers all across popular Fortnite POI’s. This can likely only mean one thing: Pennywise is coming to Fortnite in some shape or fashion.

Fortnite X It crossover coming soon

For those who have never read or watched It, Pennywise is the killer clown that terrorizes a small town from the sewers. Utilizing a red balloon as his calling card, Pennywise wreaks havoc on the fictional town of Derry, Maine and kills anything that crosses him.

Last week, we got wind of this potential crossover via leaks from the in-game files. The images in the files showed renderings for a balloon and also audio files sounding a lot like Pennywise. Well, today, we got to see those balloon models come to life.

Appearing all over the map in high-profile POI’s, these red balloons are no doubt an indication of what’s to come. However, we still don’t know what this crossover will fully entail. Epic Games has several routes they could take, with the most likely being a map change.

Fortnite Season X has been characterized by a series of map alterations thanks to the Rift Beacons. Transforming a different POI every week, our guess is that in this coming week, Epic will transform a current Fortnite POI into a dreary, It-inspired location.

The most likely spot for this new POI is Pandora, the Borderlands-themed location in the southeast corner of the map. It wouldn’t make much sense for Epic to have two separate crossovers in the game at the same time, so they will likely just replace Pandora with It.

In another set of leaks today, we learned that there are two Rift Beacons being built in Dusty Depot. Perhaps one of those beacons will go to what was formerly Greasy Grove and the other will make its way back to Pandora in preparation for the Fortnite X It crossover event.

What do you think this crossover will be? Let us know in the comments below! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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