Fortnite World Cup will provide no warm-up time for players

Fortnite World Cup will provide no warm-up time for players

The Fortnite World Cup is upon us. This will be one of the largest esports events we have seen to date, with 200 of the best Fortnite players in the world competing over a $30 million prize pool, but it wouldn’t be a large Epic event without some bad news and management, this time involving player warm-ups.

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Frustrating decisions

Epic has proven time and time again that, when it comes to their esports competitions, they will throw in a wrench that frustrates their competitive community. We have seen additions made to the game only days before a large event that rendered players’ practice time void under a new meta that they had no time to prepare for. This was a concern with the addition of the new Air Strike grenade being added only two weeks before the World Cup, but Epic did say it would not be used in the tournament. That was a great decision by Epic, but it has been followed with another bad one.

Not following their own rulebook

According to the Fortnite World Cup Finals rulebook in section 8.2.1, it states that there will be a “Setup Time” before the start of the sessions to ensure players are fully prepared. In this “Setup Time” explanation, limited in-game warm-up is listed as a step, but players are taking to Twitter and revealing that this is not the case.

Fortnite World Cup will provide no warm-up time for players

Is this fair?

Players will be forced to play on the largest, or one of the largest, stage of their careers with “cold” hands. Thirty million dollars is a life-changing sum of money, and now players will have to go in with little-to-no time to warm up and may not play to their full potential until later matches. What are your thoughts on this? Should players be given a chance to warm up before they put it all on the line?