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With a name like “Boogie Down,” it’s no wonder as to why so many of the Fortnite Week 6 challenges revolve around dancing and music. For this week’s installment, Epic Games decided to make the challenges more fun than difficult by including a multitude of dancing tasks. However, with dancing comes music, and that’s the case with the challenge we’re covering today: “Play the sheet music at an oversized piano.”

We went over the Week 6 challenge list in its entirety as well as the location of the Battle Star yesterday, so don’t forget to check those out as well. Let’s dive in and see exactly how to complete this Fortnite challenge.

Where to find the Oversized Piano

Fortnite Week 6 challenges

For this guide, we can knock out two birds with one stone. In both the Free and Battle Pass section of the Week 6 challenges, we can find a task relating to the oversized piano. In the Free section, all you have to do is visit the piano. For the Battle Pass challenge, you must play the sheet music on the piano.

So the first time you visit the piano, you will be completing the Free challenge. However, to earn the reward from the Battle Pass section, you need to play the sheet music that can be found near the piano.

Located just to the east of Lonely Lodge and north of the Hero’s mansion, this oversized piano has been in Fortnite for many seasons. Originally used for challenges just like the ones in Week 6, Epic Games decided to leave it in its place.

For Season X, the method of completing this challenge remains unchanged. The sheet music you are required to play can be found directly above the large piano.

Fortnite no dancing signs
The sheet music that needs to be played on the oversized piano

In order to complete this challenge, you need to jump on the piano keys that correspond to the sheet music. This needs to be done in order to count, so “C” comes first, followed by “E,” “G,” and so on.

Once you have jumped on each of the keys on the sheet, this challenge is complete! Make sure your progress bar updates to show you completed the challenge to ensure you are done.

We hope this guide was helpful in your challenge hunting! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.