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Earlier this afternoon, Fortnite released a new blog post discussing some in-game adjustments they’re making. This hotfix, known as the v10.20.2 update, introduces some major changes to Fortnite in the weapons department. Epic Games has vaulted the Combat and Drum Shotgun as well as the Proximity Launcher but unvaulted the Suppressed Assault Rifle (epic/legendary). In addition to the weapon changes, Epic also nerfed the Mech’s spawn rates in the later storms and increased the Pepper’s speed boost to 60 seconds.

This update seemingly came out of nowhere, as a Thursday update rarely occurs unless something game-breaking is wreaking havoc. However, Epic felt the need to release this hotfix now, with the community still in a state of flux. Luckily, this update seems to be going over relatively well so far.


Two shotguns sent to the Fortnite vault

Regardless of your opinion, both the Combat and Drum shotguns were very powerful and therefore difficult to go up against. The Combat was extremely accurate and shot quickly for a pump-style shotgun. The Drum shotgun was nearly impossible to beat if your opponent was hitting all of their shots due to how fast it could unload its magazine.

At the same time, it was because of their overpowered nature that many loved these two weapons. With the only other options being the Tactical, Pump, and Double-Barrel (only available in Tilted Town), it’s easy to see why the Combat or Drum were many players’ go-to.

In terms of the casual player base, this vaulting may not go over well. However, in the competitive scene, this is a welcome change for most. A majority of professional and high-ranking Arena players would rather play with weapons that take more skill to use, like the Pump.

Fortnite combat shotgun
The Combat Shotgun was among the most popular weapons in all of Fortnite prior to its vaulting

Either way, not everyone is going to be happy with the vaulting of Fortnite‘s most popular shotgun (Combat). In the long run, though, this is probably the best thing for the overall meta of the game. That is, until Epic Games decides to introduce another overpowered weapon.

What do you think of the Combat Shotgun being vaulted? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.