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Epic Games is once again taking ideas from their biggest competitor, Apex Legends. Already putting the innovative Reboot Van into Fortnite, Epic also liked another popular Apex idea. As such, the Fortnite v9.10 update introduces a new feature in Fortnite called Hot Spots. Also included in this patch is the Downtown Drop LTM, which is inspired by Air Jordan. However, this mode is only available in Creative Mode.

There’s a lot to unpack in this update, so let’s see everything that changed with v9.10.

Hot Spots now in-game

If you’ve played Apex Legends before, you know exactly what Hot Spots are. Every game, there will be a randomly selected area with higher-tier loot than other locations. Though this idea is taken from Apex Legends, Fortnite has put its own spin on it, as there’s a small chance that up to three spots could spawn.

In the Hot Spots, players can shoot down Loot Carriers that drop high-tier weapons and ammo. With every Hot Spot, there will be anywhere from 12-16 Loot Carriers.

Fortnite v9.10 Downtown Drop LTM Hot Spots | Loot Carriers
An example of what a Loot Carrier looks like in Fortnite

However, in the marked area, there will be higher-tier items than usual. Shooting down Loot Carriers is simply a way to ensure you receive a Rare weapon and above. Although, this is a little riskier.

There’s no official word on if this mechanic will be featured in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Michael Jordan comes to Fortnite in Downtown Drop

The Downtown Drop LTM is one of the first of its kind. As it’s only in Creative Mode, Epic Games decided to make it less about Fortnite than other modes.

When playing, users will race against each other Sonic-style. There is a set course where players can launch huge jumps and pull off tricks. Along the way, coins will be scattered around. Whoever collects the most coins wins the game.

Feeling more like a mobile game than an online shooter, it makes a refreshing change of pace for Fortnite. This LTM will likely only last for a week, so hop in while you can.

Also coming with this mode is the Hang Time Bundle. Included in this set are two outfits, Grind and Clutch, and a challenge pack.

Fortnite v9.10 Downtown Drop LTM Hot Spots | Grind and Clutch
Grind and Clutch in the Downtown Drop LTM

Other changes in v9.10

While this wasn’t a hugely impactful update in terms of balancing, there were some things adjusted.

To start, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle was unvaulted to offset the loss of the Thermal Rifle. It can be found anywhere on the map in Uncommon and Rare variants. Also, as there were no other indicators in the patch notes, its stats will be the same as before.

Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments in v9.10 is the audio fixes. For months, players have been complaining of enemy footsteps not registering correctly. Epic Games addressed these complaints this week. There are now better enemy jump sounds as well as improvements to audio cues for when an enemy is landing on top of you. A new audio feature added in v9.10 is the inclusion of headshot/shield-breaking sounds. This sound occurs when a headshot breaks an enemy’s shield.

That’s all for the v9.10 patch!

What do you think of all the changes? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates

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