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It seems as though Fortnite and Epic Games are finally figuring things out. The v9.01 update arrived earlier this morning and brought some much-needed changes. It also brought the brand new Tactical Assault Rifle.

Even though some in the community wanted other changes, Fortnite delivered with some long-awaited adjustments. Several nerfs to overpowered items, gameplay fixes, and one vaulting makes this one of the better updates in recent memory.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the Fortnite‘s v9.01 update.

The new Tactical Assault Rifle

Thanks to the work of data-miners, we knew this weapon was coming. While some feel that Epic shouldn’t prioritize a new weapon over glitches and bugs, this new gun is a great addition.

Coming in rare, epic, and legendary rarity, think of this rifle as a close-range Scar. It’s fully automatic with a 30 round magazine and a base 22 damage. However, this weapon really shines in close quarters combat. Its spread is extremely tight in close quarters, making it easier to hip fire. However, its accuracy drops off tremendously the farther the range.

With the state of Shotguns in flux, this weapon comes in the nick of the time. The rifle’s proficiency up close makes it quite useful when your shotgun isn’t being consistent thanks to its high fire rate.

You can find the Tactical Assault Rifle in chests, on the floor, and via Supply Drops.

Long-awaited nerfs in v9.01

Fortnite seems to finally be listening to what the community wants. In the v9.01 update, both the Ballers and the Drum Gun received nerfs. The Baller’s health dropped from 200 to 150, and the Drum Gun’s damage saw a nerf from 26/27 to 22/23.

While it wasn’t the Drum Gun vault, this is a suitable substitute. Nerfing the Drum Gun’s damage will make it far less effective in gunfights. However, it should still prove highly effective against building structures.

As for the Baller, its health was once again lowered. Of course, players will still zoom around the map with the vehicle, but it’s now easier to shoot them out.

Other gameplay changes

In regards to the remainder of the update, there are some notable changes. Another weapon was thrown in the vault, as the P90 SMG makes its first visit. Epic Games felt that with the addition of the Drum Gun and Tactical Assault Rifle, the P90 no longer had a place.

The final change that Fortnite made revolves around the Slipstreams. Since their addition last week, players have complained endlessly about them. A big problem with the air tubes was that you couldn’t build through the airflow. This made it extremely difficult to build up and slip into the tube. Well, Epic saw these complaints, and the Slipstreams now no longer block players building.

Fortnite v9.01
Photo credit to u/andrewbrownnn on Reddit

Another highly-requested change to the Slipstreams was that they be disabled in the final circles. They caused far too many inconsistent final zones for players who wanted to get high ground. Following v9.01, Slipstreams are now disabled after the fifth circle.

That’s it for the v9.01 patch notes! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates