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One of the last updates for Season 8 arrived earlier today. Patch v8.51 isn’t one of the traditional Fortnite updates, as it only introduces one or two new things to the game. However, among these small introductions is the long-awaited Shadow Bomb.

Found in the files of the v8.30 update, the Shadow Bomb is eerily similar to veterans of Fortnite. If you were around for Season 7 or the Fortnitemares Event, then you know exactly how the new grenade item works.

What is the Shadow Bomb?

Epic Games has a habit of making previous in-game mechanics full-fledged loot items. Back in Season 5, the rifts around the map were eventually turned into Rift-To-Gos. This makes it so players have the convenience of the item without having to trudge across the island looking for it.

The Shadow Bomb is no different than the Rift-To-Go in that it was previously in the game as a map element. In Season 6, we were introduced to Shadow Stones, which were scattered around the map in different rune locations.

Fortnite Shadow Stones

These stones enabled users to float around quickly as a ghost, immune to damage. Well, Epic clearly saw some potential for this mechanic, because it is back in the form of a Shadow Bomb.

According to the v8.51 patch notes, the new item works the same as the previous Shadow Stones. Only active for six seconds once consumed, the player will take the form of a shadow. During this time, players are invisible to enemies but become more visible as time wears down. You also have the ability to double jump and move extra fast, but cannot loot or fire any weapon.

The Shadow Bomb comes in uncommon rarity, stacks up to six, and can be found in chests, on the floor, and from llamas and supply drops.

The Shadow Bomb’s place in Fortnite

Unlike some of the other items introduced in Season 8, the Shadow Bomb has some clear use. Becoming invisible and moving extra fast is an invaluable tool, particularly in the late-game.

Also, the fact that you can stack six at a time raises their value even further. These new items should integrate nicely in both the casual and competitive settings. It will be interesting to see how competitive players utilize these grenades in the World Cup qualifiers, especially in build battles and while moving from zone to zone.

What do you think of the new Shadow Bomb? Is v8.51 good or bad for the current meta of Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates.

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