Fortnite v4.4 Update: Stink Bombs and more!

Fortnite Patch 4.4: Stink Bombs and more!

Over the last 24 hours, Fortnite servers were down for updates. Don’t you worry though because the game is back with a new content update! Below is a list of the new features in Fortnite’s new v4.4 content update.

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Stink Bombs in Fortnite

Fornite players will now be able to create their own dangerous circle with the addition of stink bombs. The new weapon allows players to create a cloud over their enemies. The cloud lasts for nine seconds, deals damage to opponents and also makes it difficult to see in the area of the cloud. Players can also loot in stacks of three, with a maximum of five.

Final Fight: Teams of 20

The new limited time mode brings a unique experience for the Battle Royale. In the new game mode, teams compete against each other with the objective being the last team standing. During the match, the storm circle will stop closing in after the third cycle. Once the storm’s movement is halted, a final countdown timer will begin. Upon expiration of the timer, the team with the most players left standing will win. This mode will also see the introduction of ties. All teams that are tied for the lead at the end of the match will be declared the winners.

Nerf for Explosive Weapons

Introduced a couple of weeks ago, Fornite released a new update restricting the number of explosive ammo players can hold. Players will now be able to carry just 12 explosive ammo during the match. The ammo restriction should eliminate rocket spamming late in a game.

Other fixes in Fortnite

  • The thermal scope will no longer show enemy built structures
  • The thermal scope can spot cozy campfires
  • Reload time for the Rocket Launcher increased based on the rarity.
  • Nintendo Switch performance issues fixed including streaming optimization during skydiving and time functions frequently called during gameplay.
  • Supply drop opening sound fixed.
  • Music for the “fresh” emote has been re-added.
  • Clinger Explosion sound fixed on iOS/Switch platforms.
  • New constructor demolitionist: 8-bit demo added to the event store.
  • Back Bling no longer looks detached from players at a distance
  • Two intersecting busses on the starting island fixed.
  • Last saved version of styleable outfits will appear in the locker preview

For all Fornite updates, be sure to check back regularly. You can also visit Fortnite’s official website for more information.