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The Fortnite v15.50 update released earlier this morning. It introduces some old and new content to Chapter two Season five.

Epic Games continued its traditions of vaulting and unvaulting a weapon in the same update. It also made some preparations for the end-of-season event. While there aren’t too many leaks for the v15.50 update, there are some upcoming features fans can get excited about.

Fortnite v15.50 update adds Rapid Fire SMG

Returning from the vault in v15.50 is the Rapid Fire SMG, a fan-favorite weapon that caused quite a stir earlier in Chapter two. However, Epic Games has made some modifications and the weapon is now back in the rotation. The SMG replaces the Hand Cannon—which has been sent to the vault, as expected.

In addition to these two changes, data-miners are claiming both the Jelly Fish and Rift Fish are back in the waters of Fortnite. An “Egg Launcher” was also added to the files but this likely won’t see any action until Easter approaches.

End-of-season event update

The only other real gameplay change in v15.50 is that of the Zero Point, as it’s now acting out of sorts. The Zero Point is thought to be the focal point of the event leading into Season six, and that case looks to be getting stronger with each update.

There’s no word on what Zero Point’s new effects may mean for Season six. Future updates should divulge that information.

New LTMs added in Fortnite

For fans of Limited-Time Modes, Epic Games will introduce several new playlists with v15.50. In no particular order, these include Bodyguard, Classic Loot and Heavy Metal.

Bodyguard’s objective is to escort a VIP to safety. The whole squad is eliminated if the VIP is eliminated. The VIP can’t pick up weapons but it does spawn with a Legendary Pistol.

Heavy Metal and Classic Loot are self-explanatory; the former features only heavy weapons and the latter features loot from the early days of Fortnite.

Female Midas skin added

Finally, after months of leaks, the female version of Midas appears to be coming to Fortnite soon. The “GoldenTouch” bundle was data-mined and features the “Marigold” skin and cosmetics.

As of yet, there’s no word on a price point or release date for the bundle. In the coming weeks, however, that information should be leaked.