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The highly-anticipated v14.30 update in Fortnite arrived yesterday, and a ton of leaks surfaced from it. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect to come out of the update wasn’t a leak at all. Instead, it was a new addition to the Season 4 map that not many players noticed. Still, those players can surely be forgiven, as the new addition is about as small as possible. Though, the meaning behind the addition is anything but small. Galactus has finally made himself known in Season 4 ahead of the finale event, and it’s only going to get bigger in the coming weeks.

Galactus arrives on the Fortnite Season 4 map

It took some real keen eyes to spot Galactus, but nonetheless, players were able to see him after the v14.30 update arrived. Located high in the sky, the Marvel villain is more of a blur on the screen than anything right now. However, his purple glow is unmistakable and the in-game files back up this reality.

Data-miner @FortTory was one of the first to publicize Galactus’ arrival.

Some players might question if that’s him or not, but fellow data-miner @iFireMonkey backed FortTory up. According to the files, the villain’s current code name is “Distant Object 2.”

iFireMonkey states that Galactus will only get closer as the weeks drag on up until the Season 4 finale. Speaking of that event, @Lucas7yoshi is reporting that a full-on model for Galactus was added to the Fortnite files with the v14.30 update.

There are still some unknowns in regards to how the Season 4 story will develop. However, the baseline is that Galactus is flying down to the Fortnite map to take on the season’s Marvel heroes. We could see some additional teasers arrive in the game with future updates. Lucas7yoshi even predicts a holograph of Galactus could cover the Battle Pass screen. We’ll just have to wait for more concrete details to know what’s coming for sure, though.

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