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The Fortnite v10.20 update is now live in-game with some interesting additions. While we already knew the context for most of the update, Epic Games still managed to throw some surprises our way. With the v10.20 update comes an all-new Borderlands-styled POI in the former desert biome. This gaming crossover is certainly one that should make fans of either game ecstatic.

Along with the new POI, the Shield Bubble is now available. Let’s dive into all of the v10.20 patch notes and see what changes Fortnite underwent.

Pandora comes to the Fortnite island

Late last night, the official Fortnite Twitter page released an image teasing the possibility of a Borderlands collaboration. While we thought this would be coming soon with a skin or two, we had no idea an entire section of the map would change with it.

Thanks to the Rift Beacon, the desert biome now has a bit of a twist to it. Most of the map section is now in the art style of Borderlands, including chests. Thankfully, there are no zombies in this POI and you are able to build to the best of your ability.

In addition to the Pandora POI, there is a new skin and back bling in the game. Now in the Item Shop is a Psycho skin with fan-favorite character Claptrap as its back bling. A pickaxe and weapon skin is also available with this bundle.

There is currently no word on whether the upcoming Borderlands 3 will feature any kind of Fortnite memorabilia.

Shield Bubble is now available

Shield Bubble Fortnite

Thanks to the in-game news feed, we knew the Shield Bubble was coming with the v10.20 update. However, we didn’t know the full details of how the item would work. Well, we do now, and while the mechanics of the item are sound, the time it lasts may be an issue. Here are the official patch notes for the Shield Bubble:

Shield Bubble

  • Rare item.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Creates a large bubble that blocks projectiles and explosives. However, players can still run through it.
    • Projectiles and explosives can be fired from inside the bubble but cannot go outside of it.
    • The bubble’s emitter has 400 HP. Destroying it deactivates the bubble.

The mechanics of the item work exactly like Gibraltar’s shield from Apex Legends. Enemies can run through the shield and shoot you from within but can’t penetrate the outside. However, the Shield Bubble lasting for 30 seconds could raise some problems.

In the late game especially, a 30-second protection bubble is a big advantage. Yes, enemies can still run through the shield, but being immune to long-range shots is a huge advantage. We’ll have to wait and see how the community reacts to this addition.

Turbo building nerfed in v10.20

Fortnite Turbo Building nerf

One of the longest standing mechanics in Fortnite has been nerfed. Turbo building has been in the game since the very early seasons and has not changed for the most part since it was implemented.

However, Epic Games feels that it’s time for a change. In the v10.20 update, they are trying to “level the playing field” for players with a higher ping when it comes to turbo building. As per the patch notes:

  • Returned the time between subsequent Turbo Build placements from 0.05 seconds to 0.15.
    • This is intended to level the playing field regarding ping when it comes to turtling.
    • The first placement of a structure using Turbo Build remains the same.

This is sure to cause some waves in the community. For now, though, the lower ping you have, the more of an advantage you have.

What do you think about this update? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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