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After being postponed for over a day, the v11.31 update is finally live in Fortnite. Epic Games delayed both the update and Winterfest without explanation. Regardless, winter has now come to Fortnite as Winterfest will be live until Jan. 6. Although, Epic could extend the event by a day since the original start date was delayed. Also arriving with Winterfest are new LTMs and some returning vaulted weapons. Let’s hop in and see everything that Fortnite and Winterfest have to offer this holiday season.

v11.31 and Winterfest come to Fortnite

As per usual now, we didn’t receive any in-depth patch notes with this update. However, we did receive a roadmap of the different rewards and content coming with Winterfest. Also, leaks are plentiful as with any big Fortnite update.

Winterfest Presents are live and you can access them by heading to the Cabin from the main menu. Each day you can open one Present, which contains a cosmetic item of some sort. According to a leak from @ShiinaBR, there will be nine unique Presents players can earn.

If you happen to miss a day and don’t open a Present, you can come back the next day and open two Presents. However, as ShiinaBR says, every cosmetic in Winterfest will only be available during this event. After that, they’re gone for good.

Along with Winterfest, v11.31 introduces some gameplay changes as well. The map is now covered in snow, just like last winter. Although, many players would prefer if the snow melted by the new year.

Also, each day of Winterfest will return one LTM, and a flurry of vaulted weapons will be returning. Some of the LTMs returning are Wick’s Bounty, Arsenal, and more. In addition to the rotating LTMs, Zone Wars will be running throughout Winterfest. We don’t know if the mode will stay in Fortnite past that, however.

That’s all for the v11.31 update! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all future Fortnite news!

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