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It seems as though the recent Fortnite map changes aren’t going to last much longer. Originally dubbed the “Nexus” event by the community, the happenings around Loot Lake will all be coming to a close in just a few days’ time. Data mining reveals the real event name is “Unvaulting.”

With the end of Season 8 just around the corner, it comes as no surprise the next Fortnite event is taking place soon. The runes around the map are all just about at their final destination in Loot Lake. Set to open the Vault once all are locked in, players will then be given a chance to vote on a game-changing introduction.

Although, up until now we didn’t know when this event would take place. However, in the v8.51 update files, we were given a time and date.

What is the Fortnite Unvaulting event?

The “Unvaulting” event will give the entire community an opportunity to vote on which vaulted item they want back in Fortnite. The Bouncer, Grappler, plane, Tactical SMG, Drum Gun, and the Infinity Blade are the options.

All of these vaulted items have been appearing on screens around the map recently. With each rune locking into place, a new item comes on screen. The final rune is set to lock into the Vault any day as it makes its way down from the volcano.

There is no doubt about what this event is, as many sources confirm this is what’s happening. Among these sources, @ShiinaBR gave us insight into when this event will actually start.

According to in-game files, there is a countdown that started when the last rune appeared on the volcano. That countdown is set to expire at 3 p.m. EST on Saturday, May 4. It is safe to assume this is when the Unvaulting event will begin.

There is no word on what exactly will happen in this event, however. While the runes will unlock the vault, there is still the volcano and the rest of Loot Lake to figure out. Many have suggested Loot Lake will absorb the volcano’s lava, but there is nothing mentioned of that in the files as of yet.

It seems as though we will have to wait until May 4 for our questions to be answered. Although, Epic Games could be planning to alter the map’s landscape when Season 9 officially launches.

What do you think of the Unvaulting event? Which item will you be voting for? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for everything Fortnite

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