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The Fortnite Trio Cash Cup began with problems. After releasing Arena Trios a few days before, Epic Games announced that the tournament game mode is bugged. The developer recognized the glitch during the first region of the Trio Cash Cup. During the Asia region gameplay, the Fortnite Twitter said that play would be delayed for an hour. The Trios Cash Cup has the default material harvesting rates. The development team looked for fixes or workarounds but ultimately was unable to fully resolve the issue. Instead of canceling or delaying the tournament, Epic Games decided to proceed with the tournament anyway to prevent further disaster. The Fortnite team notified players of an additional trios tournament on July 21.

What is the problem?

In both Arena and tournament modes, players receive 50 health or shield and 50 of each material from an elimination. In the first matches, players did not receive either. Epic quickly fixed the issue by moving tournament matches into Arena mode. Unfortunately, the switch brought other problems. The scoring system in Arena is different than in the Trios Cash Cup. The fix caused more problems, and ultimately Epic decided to run the Trios Cash Cup with default farming rates and no additional materials drop upon elimination. These settings apply for the entirety of the tournament.

The tweet caused an uproar in the Fortnite community. Players expressed their discontent in the comments. To players, the problem is the latest gaffe by Epic Games. After an explanation on Reddit, players became more understanding of the situation. The remaining options were worse than Epic’s decision to bring the materials to default settings. The Trio Cash Cup is not perfect, but at least it is still happening. Additionally, there is another tournament that allows greater opportunity for players.

New tournament format incoming

In the explanation for the Trios Cash Cup, Epic shared that future tournaments will have a different format. Instead of multiple days, the next tournament takes place over one day. Also, the team mentioned trying out different formats. A couple suggested are single-day tournaments and adding a third, final round with only 100 players. This provides players with the custom-like games they asked for. Epic Games continues to improve its online tournament formats. Just like the players, Epic Games has been learning on the fly.

Will you be playing in the Trios Cash Cup? What team wins the tournament? Are you a fan of Epic Games keeping the tournament running? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest competitive Fortnite news!

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