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Winterfest in Fortnite is slated to begin on Dec. 17 and end on Jan. 6. Those dates are leaks from the PC files, but unless something changes, those will be the accurate start and endpoints. However, the leaks don’t stop with the dates for Winterfest. Last week, we received a big leak showing us all of the challenges that will be available during Winterfest. Though, one dataminer found that Winterfest Presents will apparently be arriving alongside the challenges.

Winterfest Presents coming to Fortnite this week

The Winterfest challenges are quite extensive and involve players going to all regions of the map. Thanks to @iFireMonkey, we can see the full list of Winterfest challenges in Fortnite.

Although, we already knew these would be introduced during the event. What we didn’t know is that some presents would be arriving as well. According to iFireMonkey, Winterfest Presents are releasing with the start of the event and gift players all sorts of winter cosmetics.

However, these gifts won’t be as straightforward to access as in some events we’ve seen in the past. iFireMonkey claims that the Presents will be based on RNG, which just means you need luck to acquire an item. Though there are alternative ways to earn the cosmetics and they involve real-life money.

As we can see from his tweet, Winterfest Presents can be bought and/or gifted for $9.49. It’s unknown if they’ll be available directly for that amount or through V-Bucks.

It’s unlike Epic Games to charge players for event cosmetics. Usually, there’s some route that players can use to unlock all of the event items through playtime. Although, these are just leaks and things are subject to change.

What do you think of the Winterfest Presents? Let us know, and make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite news.

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