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Spectating any game can become confusing. The best players move at a different pace than the average player. Additionally, the casters and players use terms that are specific to the game. Esports are not the only place where professionals use jargon. Regular sports and even certain professions have specialized language. Fortnite is no different. Many terms and words used in the game sound foreign to outsiders. Below is a guide of Fortnite terminology and communication terms with an explanation of what they mean. Or you can just say it’s the “Fortnite Dictionary.”

The basics of Fortnite language

This guide is meant for beginner level fans. It is also helpful when trying to introduce the game of Fortnite to new people.

1×1: The term used to describe a structure. It will be one tile wide but can be multiple tiles high.

90s: The building technique of turning 90 degrees while building ramps and walls. This is used to help players gain height quickly.

Box: A structure where a player builds four walls, a roof, and a floor to be enclosed. Players use the term “box up” often. It refers to a player performing the action of building a box.

Box fight: When both or one player is enclosed within a box, the fight is referred to as a box fight. Competitive Fortnite includes many players “boxing up” and fighting in boxes.

Build: Players build four possible structures. They are a floor, wall, ramp, and pyramid. Players will refer to “build” as a noun when pointing out certain structures.

Cracked: The description used when a player is very good at the game or makes a great play.

Cranking 90s: When a player repeatedly builds using 90s to gain height.

Early, mid, and late game: These are the stages of the game. Early game refers to the first few minutes after players drop in. Mid game is the in-between phase and typically refers to after the first zone closes until the fourth zone closes. Late game is the time after the fourth zone has closed until the end of the game.

Edits/Editing: Manipulating build in a number of different ways. Players can only edit their own builds or a teammate’s build.

GGs: In a literal definition the term means “good game.” Players use the term liberally to describe a multitude of interactions.

Height: Players use the term to refer to being the highest player in a game or battle. A common phrase is “X player has height” to identify that they are above everyone.

Hot drop: When multiple players drop off the Battle Bus to a single point of interest. Also, Epic Games added Hot Drops into the game, which include additional loot. The Hot Drops are noted on the mini map by yellow text.

Low ground: This refers to the bottom level during the game. Most often it is the ground level.

Movement/mobility: It refers to any item or vehicle that provides players the ability to move differently than normal. Examples are Ballers, Quadcrashers, Shockwave Grenades, Launch Pads, and Shadow Bombs. Mobility is extremely important late in competitive games.

POI or point of interest: These are places on the map that include high densities of weapons, items, and/or vehicles. Certain points of interest are noted on the mini map, but other remain nameless.

Tarping/Tarp: The term referring to the level in which a player is on. There will be multiple tarps during the end of competitive games. Tarping is the action of building a level to protect themselves.

Res: It is the shorthand for resurrecting or reviving a player.

Rotate/Rotations: As each zone closes, players must move. This movement around the map is referred to as rotating.

Common communication phrases and terms

Box up: This is used to tell players to enclose themselves within build for protection.

Coned: When a player builds a roof above another player during a fight. This is used by players to prevent enemies from gaining height advantage.

Cracked: Breaking another player’s shield.

He’s one hit/one shot: This is communicated to teammates once a player has dealt enough damage to an enemy player indicating low health.

Hit for blue: Phrase used to communicate that an enemy player was damaged for shield. Players will often shorthand by saying “blue.”

Hit for white: Phrase used to communicate that an enemy player was damaged for health. Players will often shorthand by saying “white.”

I’m being pushed: An enemy player(s) is engaging and aggressively moving towards another player.

Lasered: When a player is dealt or deals a significant amount of damage to another player.

Player is on my box: Used to communicate that an enemy player is attacking a player in their build.

Player is in my box: An enemy player broke into the player’s build and is within the same structure.

Taking a wall: When box fighting, a player with control of the wall is at an advantage. Therefore, players look to destroy and replace an enemy’s wall for better control.

Take height: This is used to share that a player is building above other players. It can refer to a teammate or an enemy.

An important point to note is that most Duos have an in-game leader (IGL). The IGL directs the team and makes the majority of callouts. Not all teams designate an IGL, but often will use an open back-and-forth style of communication. Both are viable options.

What phrases or terms need to be added to the list? Is this helpful to understand Fortnite jargon? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest competitive Fortnite news!

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