Fortnite Summer Smash Returns to the Australian Open
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Fortnite Summer Smash Returns to the Australian Open with $100,000 Duos tournament

The $100,000 USD prize pool will be split with winners and charity of their choice

The Fortnite Summer Smash is returning to the Australian Open. The Australian Open is a two week tennis tournament, and the first of the world tennis Grand Slams. Fortnite has been a feature of the Open for the past two years. It started in 2019, and returned to the arena last year, but late due to the COVID-pandemic. As the pandemic still rages, the Fortnite Summer Smash 2022 is set to take place online. The Fortnite Duos Invitational will feature a $100,000 USD prize pool. There’s also an online open tournament for all Oceania players.

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Fortnite Duos Invitational

The Fortnite Duos Invitational will feature the top Fortnite players from around the world. Australians, players from Oceania, and globally recognized stars have competed in the past. In 2019, X2Twins Jesse won the the Solos tournament. In 2020, the likes of LachlanLazarbeamLoserfruitMuselk, and MrFreshAsian competed. There’s no word on the confirmed competitors for 2022, but you can bet it will be a spectacular line up.

This year’s Duo tournament will combine elements of the Invitationals, and the Charity ProAM. The $100,000 USD prize pool will be evenly split between the winners and a charity of their choice. The Head of Innovation at Tennis Australia, Machar Reid said it will be exciting to “see some of the best gamers do battle just hours before the world’s tennis players compete for the AO title.”

The Summer Smash will take place on the last weekend of the Australian Open. Players will battle it out on Sunday 30 January before the Australian Open finals take place. Tennis Australia event organizer Mark Reidy said he’s keen to “bring to life a unique event during one of the biggest sporting events in the world.”

For more information on where to watch the tournament, take part in the interactive Australian Open exhibition, and play in the Summer Smash Cup, check out our article on the Summer Smash Cup.

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