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You may have called in sick to school or work the odd time, and hopefully, you were actually sick. A new study out this week from 10Roar.com shows that 20% of respondents have skipped either school or work to play Fortnite of all things.

In the survey, 230 Fortnite gamers were asked a variety of questions and their responses were published in a helpful infographic. Besides asking if they ever skipped their job or school to play the game, 10Roar asked how long they play for, and how much real money they have spent.

20% admitted that they spend about 21-plus hours a week playing. Survey takers also spent an average of $245.75 USD, which could include V-Bucks, skins, and weapons. It’s a very interesting study to go through, though it does raise the question of why many would put their grades or work at risk just to play. Here on Daily Esports, we have covered Fortnite addictions and support groups, so it’s clearly a problem. It has only increased as Fortnite‘s popularity and player base have grown.

A quick heads-up for those of you shelling out a lot of cash in the game: it doesn’t actually give you any in-game advantages. 1% of those surveyed didn’t actually know that. What I also found interesting is that 54% of people said they regret spending money in Fortnite. PC, of course, was found to be the platform of choice for the majority of those who participated in the study. 75% said they would buy Fortnite even if it wasn’t free-to-play.

One thing to take away from this study is to curb your playtime if it starts affecting you in real life and budget accordingly. Also never let a game impact your grades or livelihood; if it is, go and seek help. Chime in with your thoughts on this new survey and whether you are guilty of skipping out to play Fortnite or any other game.


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