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The introduction of Fortnite Season X has caused players to experience micro stutters and lag. After less than one day of the new season, players are complaining about poor performance in the game. Long-time players of Fortnite are already displaying their displeasure with Season X on social media.

The new season saw a brand new vehicle, the B.R.U.T.E. Mech. Additionally, Epic Games vaulted multiple items and vehicles. It appears, however, that the servers cannot handle the latest update and items. Regardless of the hardware, the micro stutters happen for all players.

What are micro stutters?

A micro stutter is an irregular frame rate during a game. This is the deviation from the standard output of framerates by a graphics card and causes a short delay in the frame rate. The higher the frames per second (FPS) is in a game or computer, the more noticeable these delays become. Years ago, micro stutters didn’t affect gamers much, as computers and games did not display at such a high FPS. Now, however, PC gamers can play Fortnite above 144 FPS.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for micro stutters at the moment. Epic Games can, however, address the issue and optimize Fortnite performance. On the other hand, players can control a few things to reduce micro stutters. Some quick fixes include lowering the game’s graphics quality, adjusting PC settings for performance over graphics quality, and stopping any other programs in the background.

Fortnite’s PC requirements for Season X

Do not worry about the change for Season X. The performance problems are very likely not due to your equipment. The only change Epic Game made was to require the graphics card to support Microsoft DirectX11, and any Nividia graphics card released after 2010 supports that. Otherwise, the stated requirement for Fortnite did not change. Previously, older graphics cards were supported, and that is no longer the case. Epic stated that this will help the development team prioritize their efforts.

Are you experiencing issues with Fortnite? How have you fixed or addressed the micro stutters? Let us know in the comments below, and follow Daily Esports for all your Fortnite news and updates!

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