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The first competitive blog post of Fortnite Season X came out today, Aug. 2. The competitive team gave players a first look at the new Fortnite Championship Series. After a teaser during the World Cup Finals, details dropped. First, the Championship Series takes place across Season X. Much like the World Cup, the Championship Series brings weekly events to players online for a piece of the prize pool. Additionally, the blog post hinted at a Fortnite Spotlight. Though details are slim, the event will highlight creators from the community. Players await multiple competitions and events in Season X.

Fortnite Championship Series

The Fortnite Championship Series begins on Aug. 17. This season focuses on Trios as the premier game mode. Players also have the opportunity to compete in weekly Solo Cash Cups. The Solo Cash Cups begin on Aug. 21 and occur every Wednesday and Thursday. Epic Games did not announce the total prize pool but said it is “millions of dollars” to compete for. In addition, weekly Trio Cash Cups will take place every Friday starting Aug. 23. As of now, Fortnite will have three types of competitive play: Solo Cash Cups, Trios Cash Cups, and Weekend Championship Series in Season X. The Championship Series culminates at the end on the season Sept. 20 – 22. All tournaments and competitions will be regional. Finally, players can track their progress through a season-long leaderboard.

Fortnite Championship Series schedule

The games occur every weekend starting Aug. 17 and ending Sept. 22.

  • Week 1: August 17-18
  • Week 2: August 24-25
  • Week 3: August 31 – September 1
  • Week 4: September 7-8
  • Week 5: September 14-15
  • Finals: September 20-22

Solo Cash Cup schedule

The games take place every Wednesday and Thursday of Season X. Wednesday’s games require players to be in Contender or above, while Thursday’s games require Champion status.

  • Week 1: August 21-22
  • Week 2: August 28-29
  • Week 3: September 4-5
  • Week 4: September 11-12
  • Week 5: September 18-19

Trios Cash Cup Schedule

Trios games occur every Friday leading up to the Championship Series Final.

  • Week 1: August 23
  • Week 2: August 30
  • Week 3: September 6
  • Week 4: September 13

The scoring system for these tournaments and competitions is likely the same as in the new Arena. Epic Games has yet to confirm.

The gaming company is once again putting up big money to attract players. Season X starts off with a bang. With millions of dollars on the line, teams will continue to focus on Trios. The upcoming competitions present new players and team the opportunity to stand out. New names will arise while prominent players keep up their dominance.

Are you excited about the Fortnite Championship Series? What does your Trio look like? Let us know in the comments below, and follow Daily Esports for all your Fortnite news and updates!