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Epic Games revamped Arena mode in Fortnite Season X, overhauling the game mode to provide players with a better experience. It is one of many changes made to Fortnite in the new season, alongside the B.R.U.T.E., the addition of the Championship Series, and more.

The developer inflated Arena mode points to provide a greater disparity in matchmaking. Arena’s division count has jumped as well, now featuring ten divisions for players to climb. Also, Trios replaced Duos as an Arena game mode.

Players will be required to reach Contenders or Champions in order to compete in tournaments. The concept remains the same, but the divisions and point system received tweaks.

Arena mode point system rework

For Fortnite Season X, the points scored remain the same throughout Arena divisions, but there are some changes to how they work. First, the points players will earn has increased overall. Previously, players earned one point per elimination. Now, an elimination is worth 20 points in Solos and 7 points per team member in Trios. Additionally, placement points received significant changes, as you can see below. Lastly, Bus Fares have been adjusted to reflect the increased number of points.

Season X Placement thresholds:


  • Top 25: 60 points
  • Top 15: 30 points
  • Top 5: 30 points
  • Victory Royale: 60 points


  • Top 8: 60 points
  • Top 4: 30 points
  • Top 2: 30 points
  • Victory Royale: 60 points

Players are matched with other players with similar Hype points. As such, the higher players climb in Arena, the longer it may take for them to find a match.

Season X divisions

Fortnite Season X also introduced three new divisions into Arena. The structure stays the same, but there are now additional stages to climb. Players still earn Hype points while playing Arena. The divisions are as follows:

  • Open I (0 – 499)
  • Open II (500 – 999)
  • Open III (1000 – 1499)
  • Open IV (1500 – 1999)
  • Contender I (2000 – 2999)
  • Contender II (3000 – 4499)
  • Contender III (4500 – 6499)
  • Champion I (6500 – 9999)
  • Champion II (10000 – 13999)
  • Champion III (14000+)

Much like previous seasons, players remain in the divisions once they reach it. There is no regression system if a player loses points.

Do not wait to start climbing the ladder, as the new Arena mode is available now. The first prize pool competitions of Fortnite Season X come out Aug 17. Make sure you are in Contender before the tournament!

For more information about what all has changed in Season X, make sure to check out the full patch notes. Are you excited about the new season? Where is your Trio dropping? Let us know in the comments below. Stay up to date with all your Fortnite news at Daily Esports!

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