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The Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 challenges are now live in-game, meaning the hidden Battle Star is also in play. While last week featured a hidden FortByte as the reward, this week is a regular Battle Pass tier skip.

The only way you can access this hidden Battle Star is by completing every Week 3 challenge. Though this week is relatively simple, there are a couple of tough tasks. Make sure to check out our full guide for strategies on certain challenges.

Even though you aren’t able to access the Battle Star until you do every challenge, that doesn’t mean the location is a secret. Yesterday, the Week 3 loading screen was leaked. Unlocked after completing every Week 3 challenge, this screen holds a clue to the Battle Star location.

So where is this location?

Week 3 Hidden Battle Star location

To help us find the location, we need to look at the Week 3 loading screen.

Week 3 loading screen
The Season 9 Week 3 loading screen in Fortnite

In this image, we see an arrow pointing to the top of a stack of cars. There’s only one spot on the map with cars stacked high above the ground, and that’s Junk Junction.

While there are numerous piles of stacked cars in Junk Junction, there’s only one like the one shown in the loading screen. Just outside of Junk Junction, near the big yellow crane, is where you need to look for the Battle Star.

Junk Junction Week 3 Hidden Battle Star location
The location of the Week 3 hidden Battle Star

At the very top of these cars is where the Battle Star is located. It will appear right next to the chest you see above. Simply build or climb your way up, interact with the Star, and one free Battle Pass tier skip is yours!

That’s the Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 Battle Star location! We hope this guide helped you in getting that free Battle Pass tier skip! Make sure you stay tuned for all Fortnite news and updates.

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