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Fortnite Season 8 is only a few weeks old, but players have made it clear that they don’t like the new XP system. The new season launched with a new way to level up, removing many of the ranking methods people used with previous battle passes.

Despite still being able to reach level 40 within the first three weeks of Season 8, players have voiced that they’d like Epic Games to adjust the leveling system. Now, the Fortnite developer has made a number of changes to the current XP system as part of its most recent update, including:

  • XP from daily punchcard missions has been increased
  • XP for all shared quests has been increased
  • XP for future character punchcards will be increased
  • XP for weekly punchcard quests has been decreased

The XP grind to level 300 was too steep

The only challenges players can complete in Season 8 are assigned by NPCs via punchcards. Each challenge gives 2,000 XP more than the last, but season-long challenges had been removed. Daily and weekly challenges were also changed. They now require players to repeat NPC challenges in order to earn additional XP, along with other general challenges like finishing within the top ten players five times.

This update doesn’t remedy all the issues that Fortnite players had with the Season 8 XP system, but it does provide more XP overall. Players shouldn’t have a problem unlocking all the extra battle pass rewards if they complete challenges and use a little Fortnite Creative mode to get some extra XP.

New super level styles

Every battle pass comes with an extra set of styles for skins, unlocked while leveling up the pass. These styles, called super level styles, coat each skin with a shiny foil. Previous seasons used rainbow, gold and silver foils to cover characters like Rick Sanchez. The Season 8 foils will come in Blue Rune, Purple Rune and Golden Rune styles.