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Fortnite Season 8 is rapidly coming to a close, but there are still Battle Pass challenges to complete. Along with these challenges, the last hidden banner for Season 8 is also available to players who complete every Week 10 challenge. Make sure to check out our full recap of the Week 10 challenges so you can breeze through them with ease.

Once every challenge is done, players will be awarded the Week 10 loading screen. Depicting the upcoming Unvaulting Event, the location of the hidden banner can be found in the middle of the image. However, if you don’t feel like going on a scavenger hunt, we know exactly where the banner is.

The location of the hidden banner

For this week, you will need to head to the most popular spot on the map this season. As seen in the Week 10 loading screen, Loot Lake is your destination. More specifically, your aim is the bottom pit of the lake where the Vault is currently situated.

Right next to the Vault on the lefthand side is a silver truck. On top of this truck is where you can find the hidden banner for Week 10. Just build your way up, interact with the banner, and one free Battle Pass tier is yours. If you are Level 100 in the Pass, then you will be awarded additional XP.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Hidden Banner location

Once you retrieve the hidden banner, you are done with the Week 10 challenges. However, there are still some remaining Season 8 challenges you can complete.

Discovery Skin challenges

To unlock the Ruin Discovery Skin, you must complete 8 full weeks of challenges. Once you have accomplished this, the Ruin Discovery Skin is yours, but his other cosmetics are not. For those, you need to complete other sets of challenges. We’ve already discussed more details about these challenges and how you can unlock them.

If you’ve done all the Ruin Discovery challenges and the remaining Battle Pass challenges, you’re done with Season 8!

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