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Fortnite: Cubed has landed. Players are invited to join the war effort in Fortnite Season 8 and defeat the Cube monsters. As players compete in matches, they can contribute to the war effort. Some of the most coveted weapons will be on offer again, and this season, players will have the chance to choose what weapons are unlocked.

Contribute to the war effort

Players can continue to collect bars, similar to the last few seasons. Party quests and punch cards are also still available for players to complete in during Season 8. Players will be able to find and speak with residents around the map, to complete quests for bars. Bars can also be found by destroying chairs, benches, tabletops and couches, along with searching cashiers. In Fortnite Season 8 however, players can use their bars to contribute to the war effort. Participants will be able to donate bars to construction sites. These construction sites will then become Turret Stations. It’s not clear exactly how these Turret Stations will function, be we can assume they’ll help keep the monsters at bay.

Are these monsters? Or skins? Or both? (Image: Supplied)

Fan favorite weapons returning

For a brief period, Fortnite completely removed sniper rifles. However, they returned soon after, and team rumbles were again plunged into sniper rifle matchups on rooftops, builds and trees. Fortnite is continuing the sniper hype during Season 8: Cubed. The Automatic Sniper Rifle will be making a comeback, along with another favorite, the Harpoon Gun. While this gun might seem harmless at first, players have made use of it by pulling in their targets for a close kill.

During Fortnite Season 8: Cubed, nuts and bots will continue to be made available to players. Players can still collect these from various locations and use them to upgrade weapons. This season, players will also be treated to their favorite weapons. While it will not be available on season launch, players will be asked to decide what new weapons to develop, which weapons should be unvaulted and more. Then there’s the Cube weapons, which can be upgraded with monster parts. Read more about those in our Sideways Weapons guide.