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A few weeks ago, Epic Games themselves leaked the Fortnite Season 8 Discovery Skin, Ruin. Like any other Battle Pass since Season 4, this skin is unlocked through completing Battle Pass challenges. Once players have completed 56 of these challenges, the Ruin skin will be available for free.

After the Week 8 challenges drop tomorrow, users will be able to unlock Ruin. Every challenge needs to be accomplished in order for the skin to become available. Not only is Ruin up for grabs, but his other cosmetics are also as well.

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Since Season 8 launched, the six challenges for Ruin have been in the menu. These have been “currently unavailable” since the beginning of the season, but data-miner @FireMonkeyFN has discovered all 6 challenges.

Leaked challenges for Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Ruin skin

How to get Ruin’s cosmetics

While these challenges seem simple, they will take a bit of time to achieve. Dealing 10,000 damage to opponent’s structures will be a grindy challenge in particular. Once you complete at least three challenges, you’ll begin to unlock different cosmetic items. It doesn’t matter which three or in what order, as long as three different missions are complete.

At three challenges complete, you’ll unlock the Dying Light Back Bling:

Challenges leaked for Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Dying Light Back Bling

Upon completing all 6, players will receive the Dread Pickaxe:

Challenges leaked for Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Dread Pickaxe

As mentioned above, these challenges are simple in practice but long in execution. You’ll need to give special attention to some, like the mission to complete 5 daily challenges. Others will require you to just put in the time.

Unfortunately, the Dying Light Back Bling and the Dread Pickaxe are the only cosmetics available alongside Ruin at the moment. While Epic Games could very well add a Ruin-themed glider to the Item Shop in the future, it doesn’t appear that one is available right now.

Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for in-depth looks at tomorrow’s challenges! You will not be able to unlock Ruin without having completed every last one!

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