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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 has landed. This new season, “Cubed,” has thrown the world into a bit of chaos. While the map may look similar on first glance, there are some notable changes. The popular Marvel villain, Carnage, also joins this season’s Fortnite line up but first, let’s look at Season 8’s map changes.

Season 8 map changes

On the surface, the map for this season looks similar to that of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. There are no new named locations, however there is a noticeable purple blob in the center of the map. We can assume this is the location of the The Cube’s ‘base’, or rather the crashed wreckage of the Mothership. From the Cube, springs forth monsters and anomalies.

The Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 map (Image: Supplied)

Around the crash site, Shadow Stones can be found by players. These are the same as the Shadow Stones introduced in Chapter 1, Season 6. In the same way, Shadow Stones in Chapter 2, Season 8 will allow players to temporarily become a shadow by consuming them. Players will be able to move around undetected, however, attacking in this state is not an option. Shadow Stones aren’t the only way to become a shadow, as players can also fish out Shadow Floppers and consume them for the same effect.

Similar to the way alien zones changed with each Fortnite battle in Season 7, the Cube will also alter certain points of interest with each game. These altered sites will be known as “Sideways Zones.” In these zones, monsters will appear that drop parts for players to use in upgrading their weapons. We can assume players will then experience a similar effect to Season 7’s upgraded weapons. During the last season, with the start of each game, certain points of interest were highlighted in purple to indicate an alien zone.

Carnage joins the lineup

Popular Marvel villain Carnage joins the Fortnite lineup in Season 8. While it’s not clear how players will be able to obtain Carnage, we can guess there’ll be a few ways to do it. Carnage could be the level 100 Battle Pass reward, in the same way the Mandalorian was obtained in Chapter 2, Season 5. Players may also be able to obtain Carnage through the Item Shop or Fortnite Crew, like so many other Marvel outfits. Alternatively, players might be able to earn Carnage through battlestars, the same way players received Superman in Chapter 2, Season 7. We’ll know for sure later today as Fortnite Season 8 launches on Sept. 13.