Fortnite Season 6 starts Sept. 27, enjoy a 400% XP boost this weekend

Fortnite Season 6 starts September 27, enjoy a 400% XP boost this weekend

Epic Games has officially confirmed the new Fortnite season, Season 6, begins on September 27. This leaves a three-day waiting period between seasons, as Season 5 ends on September 24. Last season, Epic teased the theme of the then-upcoming Season 5 with three days of announcements. It seems this trend will continue leading up to the launch of Season 6. Season 5 saw a huge amount of marketing and promotional stunts, including a mix of in-game and real-world elements. People reported seeing the game’s Loot Llamas in numerous locations around the world, and the Durr Burger landmark appeared in a desert in California. While we have yet to see this level of promotion for Season 6, there’s still time for Epic to unveil a few more mysteries and drum up hype.

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Until then, players are still speculating as to what the new season’s theme will be. Most recently, the mysterious purple Cube transferred its bouncy properties into a now-purple Loot Lake. Whether or not this change effects the rest of the map, or whether similar objects will appear, remains to be seen.

Ending Season 5 in style: 400% XP Bonus before Season 6 starts

In addition, to help players reach the final stages of the Season 5 Battle Pass, Epic incorporated a 400% Match XP bonus for this upcoming weekend. This stacks with whatever Squad XP Bonuses you’ve unlocked for the season, meaning grinding those last few tiers will be much easier than normal. Fortunately, players who plan to watch the Fortnite Fall Skirmish can make up for lost time with this massive boost to their earned experience.

With only a few days remaining in Season 5, do you expect to see any further game-altering updates? Was the change to Loot Lake the last thing we’ll see until Season 6 starts September 27? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below. Until then, we’ll be enjoying that sweet extra experience.