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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 has officially released and most major devices have access. However, this will exclude iOS users, who will not be able to download the update. Even if you’re one of the lucky few to have Fortnite still on your Apple device, Season 4 will not be available. Apple has issued a restraining order against Epic Games that directly forbids them from sending out an update to the Fortnite client on iOS devices. This might be resolved sometime during the course of the season but for now, iOS users are out of luck.

Apple restricts Fortnite Season 4 update on iOS devices

Ultimately, this was the decision that was predicted when Epic Games sued Apple and vice versa. Obviously, Apple doesn’t want anything Fortnite-related on the App Store and that includes any updates for the game. So for users who have the battle royale installed on their iPhone or iPad, Season 4 won’t be available.

However, if you still have Fortnite downloaded, you’re still able to play on the v13.40 version of the game. While the Battle Pass progression will end, at least you can still find matches with other iOS users. You can find more information and answers to any questions on Epic Games’ new forum.

What you won’t find on the forum is an answer as to when this dispute will conclude. Epic Games is still fighting the restraining order set forth by Apple, but the company isn’t guaranteed to win. The next big date in the case is a hearing for a preliminary injunction requested by Epic on September 28. The result of this hearing won’t resolve anything, though.

If Epic Games does indeed lose its suit, there’s no telling what could happen. Perhaps the company will revert its new payment plan on iOS devices, but that’d be a drastic measure. For now, Season 4 can only be enjoyed on Android, consoles, Windows, and Switch.

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