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The Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 Week 2 challenges are now live and ready to be completed. If you’re looking for some extra Battle Pass XP, these challenges are what you’re looking for. However, for Week 2, Epic Games seems to have increased the amount of research needed to complete each task. Of course, you can go into the challenge blind, but that takes up a ton of time. One task you definitely don’t want to go into blind into is “Ride a boat under three steel bridges.”

If you’re struggling with this one, fear not, as we know exactly where this can be done in Fortnite.

Where to find three steel bridges in Fortnite

There’s one main route you want to take when trying to complete this challenge. As there are four steel bridges along the way, this route provides the quickest way to complete the task at hand. First things first, you’ll need a boat.

There’s usually one available in Slurpy Swamp, which is where you want to land after dropping from the Battle Bus. If you manage to find a boat, simply head up the river towards Weeping Woods and The Authority. You’ll pass under one steel bridge on the way to The Authority. Two more are on either side of the fork north of the POI.

After riding a boat under one of the bridges past the fork, turn back around and hit the other one that you missed. After you crossed under those three steel bridges, then this Fortnite Week 2 challenge is complete. 25,000 XP will be awarded to your Battle Pass and you’re just a little closer to hitting tier 100 and unlocking the Iron Man skin.

We hope that this challenge guide was helpful — make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more guides and all Fortnite news.