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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is approaching quickly, as we have just over a week before it launches. This, of course, is contingent on Epic Games not delaying the start date another time, but we’re proceeding under the belief that Season 2 begins on Feb. 20. As such, we should have some leaks starting to come in as we do with every new season. In fact, it seems we have one of our first leaks coming from a well-known dataminer, which involves a new SMG.

Rapid Fire SMG coming to Fortnite Season 2?

As with all leaks, nothing is fully substantiated by official channels. These are leaks that come from dataminers who go into the files of Fortnite. So, while the leaks are located in the files, that doesn’t mean it’s coming to the game.

Most leaks that come from dataminers end up coming to fruition though. The latest of these leaks comes from @ShiinaBR, a leaker who has been extremely accurate in the past. Apparently, a new SMG is coming to the game, and it’s arriving sometime soon.

As ShiinaBR says, the Rapid Fire SMG could arrive with the Season 2 update, which is reportedly going to introduce a few different new items. We have no details on the logistics of the Rapid Fire SMG, but if it’s like the name sounds, then the weapon should be hard to control but deal extremely high damage per second.

A weapon of this nature could spell disaster for the Fortnite meta if not handled properly. We saw a similar situation arise with the P90 SMG in Season 5. When it was introduced, it was overpowered and every player was using it. So Epic Games needs to balance the weapon if they don’t want another P90 situation.

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