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In Fortnite patch v10.40, Epic Games added new settings and changes for controller players. These included changes to aim assist. Now, aim assist was more fluid and did not snap to targets. Additionally, the changes could be reverted back to the old state.

After these changes, however, keyboard and mouse players found a way to use aim assist with inputs other than a controller. This caused massive controversy, and all players turned to Twitter for their thoughts. All a player needed to do was plug in a controller while using a keyboard and mouse. Most players believed the changes caused aim assist to improve. The new aim assist settings were meant for controller inputs only, though. Epic Games quickly came out to address and then fix the exploit.

Aim assist overpowered?

Since the beginning, there has been a debate between keyboard and mouse and controller. Fortnite is one of the few games that allow players to use whatever input they choose. This means mobile players and Nintendo Switch players all play the same game. Also, everyone competes in the same tournaments. Therefore, multiple inputs play together in a match of Fortnite, and each has advantages. Overall, keyboard and mouse is the most dominant based on previous tournament performances.

The new improvements to aim assist drastically boosted the ability of controller players. This had nothing to do with the actual player’s ability, but rather the aiming mechanics that Epic Games added. Check out the tweet below to see how the same weapons provided very different outcomes based on the input.

There is a clear advantage for a controller player versus a keyboard and mouse player. Ultimately, keyboard and mouse players just wanted to even the playing field. They plugged in a controller and received the same aim mechanics on keyboard and mouse.

Unfortunately, Epic Games created this difference on purpose and intends to keep it this way. That is why they quickly released a hotfix to remove the exploit. Controller is at a disadvantage due to the limited number of buttons, but the aiming is much easier. On the other hand, keyboard and mouse players make up a large majority of the best competitive Fortnite players. It appears that Epic Games would like to level the playing field. This means providing extra benefits to different inputs.

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