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Epic Games hasn’t kept up with patch notes since releasing Fortnite Chapter Two. During the previous season, Fortnite would have a content update that detailed balancing changes and new items. However, the release of a brand new Harpoon Gun appeared without much introduction.


Fortnite Harpoon Gun

The Harpoon Gun, which was previously leaked by Lucas7yoshi, had a description of “Pulls enemies to you and deals damage.” The new weapon is a Rare (blue), deals 75 damage per hit to players, and 150 damage to structures. It can drag enemies closer to you, such as if they are inside a structure or trying to run away. It looks similar to the now vaulted Grappler weapon but cannot be used to travel around the map. 

Instead, the Harpoon Gun is used to pull things closer like items on the ground, but mainly players. It has 10 charges just like the Grappler, but there does not seem to be a way to reload the weapon. In addition, players have found new ways to use the Harpoon Gun, with some replacing the Fishing Rod with it. One such player demonstrates himself firing the gun at the water and reeling in an assortment of loot. This alternative may be more effective, as fishing takes a lot longer than shooting the harpoon, even if the Fishing Rod has unlimited uses. 

The Grappler was removed due to becoming too overpowered because it allowed players to reach a higher ground much faster than anyone else. Without patch notes, players will have to explore what exactly the new weapon is capable of. With a high damage rate, ability to drag players closer, and other unique usages, will the Harpoon Gun face the same eventual fate? Let us know what you think, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite coverage.

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