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The professional Fortnite community has lost another member, as Williams “Zayt” Aubin has decided to retire. The current NRG member made the surprise announcement earlier today on stream and shocked his fan base. As one of the true veterans of the scene, Zayt is widely considered to be a pioneer of competitive Fortnite. However, the current state of the game, both casually and competitively, was simply too much for the former pro. Zayt will now transition into a full-time content creator and coach for NRG.

Zayt retires from Fortnite to focus on content creation

Fortnite esports has lost some of its most valuable members over the past couple of weeks. First, Noah “Vivid” Wright announced he and Ryan “Chap” Chaplo were released from Cloud9. This, in turn, led to Vivid’s retirement from professional play and Chap’s future up in the air.

Almost two weeks later and Zayt, one of the most respected members of the scene, has also announced his retirement.

The main reason behind this was simply that Zayt no longer enjoys playing Fortnite. The current meta of the game leaves much to be desired and doesn’t come close to matching the metas of the past. Very few players can blame him for his decision, as he’s been competing from the start.

However, his career in Fortnite isn’t truly over, as he’s staying on with NRG as a coach and content creator. He’ll likely still stream regularly and possibly even revive his YouTube channel. Although, the amount of Fortnite he’ll play will presumably dwindle in the coming days and weeks.

Zayt leaves behind a legacy as one of the best players to ever compete in Fortnite. He’s made close to $1.2 million and competed on some of the largest stages in the world. With the current way Epic Games is planning the competitive year, we could see even more pros call it quits. It’s likely Zayt won’t be the last player who retires in 2021.

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