Fortnite professional player Zayt accuses Tfue of cheating
Tfue Fortnite cheating Zayt
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Fortnite professional player Zayt accuses Tfue of cheating

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Some drama is brewing in the Fortnite community, and it concerns one of the game’s top personalities. Williams “Zayt” Aubin, a professional player for NRG, has accused Turner “Tfue” Tenney of cheating in Fortnite. This isn’t the first time Tfue has faced accusations of this nature, but this time it carries some more weight. Zayt is a well-respected member of the community, and it seems strange he would publicly come forward with unfounded accusations. In fact, the NRG pro claims to have proof of Tfue’s guilt in the matter.

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Zayt speaks out against Fortnite star Tfue

Occurring on June 9, Zayt released some tweets and images that accused six professional Fortnite players of cheating. Among these players is Twitch streamer Tfue, who is by far the most prominent name on the list. However, Zayt retracted this accusation to a degree, saying that there’s only evidence of the streamer’s guilt.

According to Zayt, Tfue is guilty of using “double movement” macros. If you’re unfamiliar with macros, they essentially are a mappable keybind that allows PC players to make certain actions easier to perform. Though, this practice is banned in the Fortnite competitive rules, as outlined in the guidelines.

As previously stated, Zayt originally accused six players of using macros. However, he says there is only evidence of Tfue implementing macros. In a tweet that was later deleted, the NRG player had this to say: “Tfue is (using macros) and will never get banned because he’s the biggest streamer.”

Zayt Fortnite cheating
Zayt is a successful and prominent member of the Fortnite esports scene. Image via Epic Games

Zayt also released a statement to Fortnite Intel, saying that “there’s zero evidence of anyone except Tfue currently.” In regards to the other players he accused, Zayt said, “I’m pretty sure they are all legit.” So, it’s unclear why Zayt made the accusation in the first place, but he remains adamant of Tfue’s macro use.

At this time, there’s no response from Tfue or Epic Games about the matter. However, if Epic feels strongly enough that this issue needs investigating, it’s likely the developers will look deeper.

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