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The Fortnite World Cup made headlines with its $30 million prize pool. After allegations, accusations, and players being banned for cheating in recent weeks, one would think players would have learned. However, with this large of a prize pool, it isn’t surprising even more competitors have been accused of cheating. Fortnite pro Damion “XXiF” C., who competes under the Rise Nation esports organization, was accused of teaming by another player.

World Cup Cheating Allegations

HighSky, another professional Fortnite player who competes under the Raised By Kings esports organization, accused XXiF of teaming. Included in the initial tweet was a replay of one of his North American East region qualifier matches. It shows XXiF eliminating two players at the very start of the match, thus getting easy points and materials from them.

The player in question did manage to qualify from the North American East region. Seeing qualifier-caliber players eliminated so easily by XXiF is the suspicious part. The players showed decent prior performance in qualifier matches which stands out compared to their playstyle in the replay. They are both in the top 0.1% of players, which makes their blatant passive movement and lack of attack suspicious. Many in the community feel these two players are most likely friends of his, who intentionally fed him kills.

If Epic Games analyzes XXiF’s gameplay from the qualifier and decides that he is cheating, his account will be banned and qualification revoked. Epic Games has previously banned over 1,200 players for reasons ranging from cheating to teaming. At the moment, XXiF is still qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. However, XXiF has not responded since the accusations came out.

If XXiF is banned, this will also allow the player who is eighth place in the rankings to qualify instead. Clix, who plays under the MisfitsGG esports organization, will move up to the seventh place.

More About the Qualifiers

The weekend of April 27 and 28 was the third of ten qualifier weekends for the World Cup. Those who manage to qualify make it onto a list of 100 players. These players will then advance to the Solos tournament in July at the World Cup. Players receive a small amount of prize-winning for the qualification as well.

At the time of publication, neither Rise Nation nor XXiF have released a statement regarding the accusations.

What do you think about these allegations? Do you think they look obvious as well? Want to keep up with all of the latest Fortnite news and content? Keep track on our Fortnite page!

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