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Fortnite has seen a number of animals added over the course of Chapter 2. Boars, chickens, sharks, wolves and even raptors have roamed the wilderness of the island. Fortnite Season 8 brought another new creature: crows.

Crows can be spotted all over the Fortnite map, flying through the sky or perched atop a fence. The AI design for the black bird can be pretty funny at times, too. Players have watched them shoot straight up into the sky and bounce on the umbrellas at the Durrr Burger.

Crow enjoying Durr Burger
by inFortNiteBR

“I recently found out you can eliminate them after shooting one as a joke, thinking that they were just a part of the background like leaves,” Redditor superdill14 said. Players can kill the birds to get meat, a healing item, but they don’t drop anything else. Leakers say that another flying animal that will drop more items is coming later in the season.

Fortnite and foreshadowing

As is the case with most battle royales, Fortnite players never take anything at face value with new content. Developers love to leave little hints in the map that foreshadow content coming in the future. Epic Games added dinosaur eggs to a few spots around the map weeks before adding raptors to the island. Could crows be another hint?

“With the Naruto collab coming, could these be hinting at Itachi?” one Redditor said. Naruto, alongside a number of other characters, was named as a possible collaboration for the battle royale during the Epic versus Apple lawsuit. Players are hoping that these crows are somehow hinting at Itachi, a character in Naruto who can control crows, coming to the game.

Other players want to use the crows to role play Rick and Two Crows; a fake anime shown in Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Rick was the Level 100 reward in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. There is no way to capture the crows but you can tame other animals. Maybe that’ll be the case in Season 8.

Other players aren’t so optimistic, however.

“Or hear me out,” one Redditor said in response to the Naruto post. “They’re just birds.”

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