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The Fortnite Champion Series ran over this past weekend, and one new player, Aden “Zus” Atif, entered with thousands of other players. What makes Zus stand out, however, is that he won’t be able to continue competing thanks to his father. His father burst into his room, accused him of breaking a bathroom light, and broke his son’s monitor in retaliation. Zus’ father destroyed roughly half of the Fortnite player’s monitor, rendering it unusable. Even worse, Zus is only 16 years old and cannot afford to buy a new monitor.

Zus shared the incident on his Twitter account, and you can hear the pain in his voice.


Zus spoke to Forbes about the incident, and this is his version of the events.

I was in my last game in the Solo Open FNC and I was one point from qualifying. My dad found a broken light in the bathroom and assumed that I broke it when it had nothing to do with me. He came into my room and started going mad about the light, I told him it wasn’t me and that I am sorry. He still shouted at me and then smashed my monitor and left the room. Once the monitor was broken, I was devastated. I spent my entire week working hard for that day just for it to come down to my dad breaking my monitor and me not being able to play. Even though my monitor was broken, I continued to play out my game as I wanted to qualify and felt as if nothing should stop me from achieving my goals.

Banks and Wolfiez to the rescue

However, without a working monitor, Zus will not be able to compete in additional tournaments. This is where the pro community rallied and stepped in for the young aspiring player.

The Fortnite community shared his tweet, and it picked up attention from esports announcer James Banks and pro player Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman.

Wolfiez felt bad for Zus, since his dad broke the Fortnite player’s monitor after he worked so hard to qualify. “So I bought him a new one,” Wolfiez said casually to Forbes.

It’s always so heartwarming when a community comes together to help a member out. Zus especially felt very warm and tingly before he went to bed on Sunday night.


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