Fortnite Patch 6.01 is live, adds new Chiller ground trap to Battle Royale
Fortnite patch 6.01, the first new update since the start of Season 6, is now live, adding with it the new Chiller ground trap.

Fortnite Patch 6.01 is live, adds new Chiller trap to Battle Royale

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Fortnite patch 6.01, the first new update since the start of Season 6, is now live, adding with it the new Chiller trap. This addition comes only a day after the item was teased via the in-game newsfeed. Unfortunately, the Chiller is the only major update in patch 6.01. Though there is the usual host of minor adjustments and bug fixes, there is no other new content. This may disappoint players expecting something substantial, such as the beginning of the previously-teased Disco Domination LTM.

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However, it’s worth nothing that this update did require server downtime. In the past, patches that require downtime typically have additional content or files hidden on the backend. That means players can likely expect to see new skins and cosmetics leak within the next few days. Furthermore, it’s possible the files for Disco Domination were also added and the mode will go live sometime soon.


Ice to Meet You: Say Hello to the Chiller

The Chiller, previously available in Fortnites Save the World mode, is a common trap item. This item can be placed on floors, walls, or ceilings. Like other common items, it’s available in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and as floor loot. Currently, it drops in stacks of 3. Epic describes the item by saying it “applies icy feet to friends or foes, causing them to slide around with low friction.” In the short teaser video above, you can see the Chiller causes an approaching player to slide an extra few spaces after passing over it. This causes the player to fall off a structure, presumably leading to an elimination for the player that placed the trap.

Update 6.01 adjusts Playground LTM, further game audio changes

Aside from the addition of the Chiller, some new options were added to the game’s perennial LTM, Playgrounds. Players now have more freedom in-game, allowing them to apply more custom settings. Epic notes options such as starting health, time of day, and gravity are available for adjusting. Furthermore, one of the bug fixes noted in patch 6.01 regards the audio of other players’ gliders. As Epic noted prior to the start of Season 6, spatial audio is one of their primary concerns this season. The day-one update for Season 6 introduced a new Doppler effect as well as other directional adjustments for locating airborne players.

Unfortunately, this update caused a lot of confusion as well. Part of this problem arises from the fact that the game’s new “floating island” location allows players to redeploy their gliders. Since players are now able to fly in on their opponents more frequently, being able to accurately determine their location in-air is more important than ever. Update 6.01 now muffles the glider audio if there isn’t a clear line of sight between players. While we’re sure to see further adjustments to the game’s audio, this is a step in the right direction.

Aside from that, that’s more or less the big news from patch 6.01. We’ll keep you posted if we see any more news or leaks. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on the new Chiller trap.