Fortnite patch 5.30 adds crucial Rift-to-Go item, new Score Royale LTM

Fortnite patch 5.30 adds game-changing Rift-to-Go item, new Score Royale LTM

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Though delayed by a few days, Fortnite patch 5.30 is now live and introduces the new Rift-To-Go item, a tool which reinvents the way players approach the game. Before we dive too far into the details, there are a few other notable changes in this new patch worth exploring. Alongside the Rift-To-Go, this patch also adds a new limited-time mode, the Score Royale LTM. Furthermore, the winner of the Blockbuster fan-film contest has been announced and their cinematic is now visible in-game at Risky Reels.

Aside from this new content, the existing Playground LTM received some new tweaks, and a number of bugs and other minutiae have been ironed out. Of course, PvE Save the World mode also has some updates, but we’ll focus on the Battle Royale aspect of this patch. For the full notes, visit Epic’s official website.

New Rift-To-Go item bottles up the magic of Season 5

The most notable addition in today’s patch is the new Rift-To-Go item. This utility item is a portable rift that can be carried and deployed at any time. In case you’re new, rifts were added to Fortnite with the season 5 update. These appear in-game as gateways that, once stepped through, transport a player into the air. Players can use these to redeploy their gliders and reposition themselves elsewhere on the map, quickly closing large distances.

When the Rift-To-Go is used, players are immediately teleported into the air in skydiving mode, just as if they had stepped through a rift. However, the item actually creates a rift on the ground that other players can also use. This rift remains deployed for 10 seconds. The new Rift-To-Go is of epic rarity, drops in stacks of one, and the max stack size is two. It is not available as a floor drop and must be found in a chest, vending machine, supply drop, or Loot Llama.

Even though this item has limited drop-rates due to its rarity, its inclusion is a welcome change. Rifts are a fantastic addition to the game, allowing quicker travel and unique strategic opportunities. Providing players with the ability to deploy them on a whim will undoubtedly result in plenty of exciting gameplay twists.

Limited Time Modes: Score Royale and Playground

Moving forward, the new Score Royale LTM shifts the focus of the game in an interesting direction. Rather than compete to be the last player standing, this mode’s objective is to have the greatest amount of points. Players can earn points by “collecting coins, opening loot containers, and eliminating other players.” In addition to the new mechanic provided by coins, storm functionality has also changed. Early storm circles are larger and move more slowly, whereas later storm circles close more quickly.

Victory Royales for this mode are earned by being the first to reach the score threshold. For Solos, players need 2,000 points; Duos is 3,000; and the winning score for Squads is 4,500. To earn points, players can do the following:

  • Use an apple or mushroom (10)
  • Open an ammo box (25), Llama (50), or supply drop (100)
  • Eliminate an enemy (100)
  • Open a treasure chest (50)
  • Find a coin: bronze (30), silver (50), or gold (100)

As with prior updates, this week’s patch features minor tweaks for the popular Playground LTM. This creative move now has additional ATK vehicles available, as well as more ramps and rifts. While these changes don’t reinvent the wheel, they certainly provide players with more opportunities to goof off and take a break from the high-stakes stress of Battle Royale.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the Blockbuster

Earlier in Season 4, Epic Games challenged the community to use Fortnite footage to create their own home movies. This contest, dubbed the Blockbuster Challenge, promised players a chance to have their videos shown on the drive-in movie screens at in-game location Risky Reels.

Well, it’s time to roll out the red carpet, folks, as Epic has crowned the winner.

The repairs to Risky Reels have been completed and a new movie arrives to mark the occasion! Attend the premiere of “Prepare For Collision” from creator jafnthony and enjoy this limited time cinematic.

View the cinematic above and then attend the “premiere” in-game while it’s available.

Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes

Lastly, a number of tweaks and fixes also accompany this patch. Regarding weapons, shotguns and some of the throwable items received a few updates. Pump Shotgun equip time is now 0.88 seconds rather than 0.96, and the Double Barrel has a spread reduction of 15% while crouched. Furthermore, Clingers will only explode based on their fuse, rather than triggering if the object they’re attached to is destroyed, and the max stack size of Impulse Grenades is increased from eight to nine.

Thankfully, players can now use Emoticons and Squad communications while they’re knocked down. This will allow players to express themselves more effectively, especially when not using microphones. Another important addition is the ability to auto-sort consumables to fill the rightmost slot when picked up.

Those are the most important updates to know from today’s 5.30 patch. Also, in case you missed it, a new datamine surfaced following the release of this patch. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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