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TIME magazine has announced a partnership with Epic Games and Fortnite to bring players a new virtual experience: the March Through TIME project. The event launches this Thursday, as the anniversary of the civil rights movement’s march on Washington in 1963, and includes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, is this weekend.

Along with hearing King’s speech, players can visit a recreated Washington monument and participate in educational mini-games centered around the civil rights movement. Players can also explore an in-game museum for more educational resources with photography from the time and movement. The project is available in creative mode via the mode hub and was crafted by community members ChaseJackman, GQuanoe, XWDFr and YU7A using the game’s creative mode tools with support for King’s estate licensor. The project will be available for one year.

“March Through TIME” is an extension of other TIME initiatives

According to the project’s executive producers, Tomi Omololu-Lange and Matthew O’Rourke, the event is supposed to “Introduce the legacy of Dr. King and other civil rights heroes to the next generation,” and that they are using Fortnite’s immense popularity to do so.

“We wanted to reach kids where they were and create inspirational content as interactive and engaging as what they have become accustomed to,” Omololu-Lange and O’Rourke said in TIME’s announcement.

This partnership is also an extension of another TIME project, “The March,” a virtual reality recreation of the 1963 March on Washington that is set to debut at the DuSable Museum in Chicago on Saturday.

Epic also attached challenges to the project that will allow players to unlock an in-game spray, D.C. 63.

“We were honored to help TIME Studios bring such an impactful moment in the ongoing struggle for civil rights to life inside Fortnite Creative,” Nate Nanzer, vice president of global partnerships at Epic Games in TIME’s announcement.

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