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Fortnite‘s v11.40 update is now live, and as per usual, a ton of leaks surfaced along with it. While there aren’t as many as some fans are used to, there’s still some juicy content here. As always, the cosmetics for upcoming Item Shops leaked, giving fans a chance to see what they want to save their V-Bucks for. However, some of the data-mined cosmetics won’t appear in the shop. Instead, these will serve as the rewards for the Fortnite Overtime challenges, which were also revealed.

So, let’s take a look at the next three weeks of Overtime challenges and the rewards that accompany them.

Three weeks of Overtime challenges

The Overtime challenges are some of the only traditional challenge sets left in the game. While we still get Missions from time to time, nothing can match the old-school tasks in Fortnite. Luckily, we’ll see three different sets that lead us into Season 2 of Chapter 1 (hopefully).

While we know what challenges are in each set, we don’t yet know the order in which these sets will release. We can, however, offer a good guess just by looking at the requirements. Below, you can find the three different sets and the rewards that go along with them. Credit to @Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter for the images/leaks.

Rippley vs. Sludge

Fortnite Overtime challenges leak - Rippley vs Sludge

Rippley Purple reward

8-Ball vs. Scratch

Fortnite Overtime challenges leak - 8-Ball vs Scratch

8-Ball Gold reward

Cameo vs. Chic

Fortnite Overtime challenges leak - Cameo vs Chic

Chic Yellow reward

Simply looking at these show that this round of Overtime tasks is no joke. There are several difficult challenges that will take special attention and/or decent luck. However, we’ll also have several guides going up soon that will detail how to complete some of the tougher tasks.

Completion of each challenge set will yield you an extra style option for Rippley, 8-Ball, and Chic. However, one stage for each Overtime set requires being a certain level in the Battle Pass, so you can’t complete these if you’re relatively new to Fortnite or haven’t played much.

Make sure to check back soon to see our guides on the tougher Overtime challenges!