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You never know what’s going to happen during a livestream, and during one Fortnite livesteam, things got unfortunately ugly and dangerous. A man in New South Wales, Australia was charged with allegedly assaulting his partner on Sunday night. The incident took place at around 11:30 p.m. in Sydney’s southwest area of Oran Park. He has since been charged with assault and served with an AVO — basically a restraining order. He was granted conditional bail and is set to appear in court on Thursday. His Twitch account has since been removed.

The Twitch user known as MrDeadMoth was streaming Fortnite and the incident was recorded live and shared multiple times online. During the stream, you can hear a woman in the background asking the streamer, now identified as a 26-year-old man, to leave the computer and come to eat his dinner.

It was broadcast live and things got ugly

He tells the woman who is not seen on camera, “I’ll be out soon.” Then items such as a cardboard box and other objects are seemingly thrown at him. He then says “can you not,” gets up from his desk, and a slapping noise and crying are heard soon after. We then hear the woman crying in the background, “You’re a f***ing woman basher.” The woman then turns her attention to all those who happen to be watching his livestream and makes the following startling announcement, “You hear that all you people there, he just hit me in the face.”

Viewer discretion is advised as the following clip was uploaded to YouTube below:

[This video has since been removed.]

It didn’t stop there. As she pleads with him to get off the game, he starts saying, “F*** off you dog, you don’t pay the f***ing bills.” He goes off camera again and we hear a loud pound. More obscenities are shouted at the woman. “Go away, stop touching my f***ing shit,” he yells. “Get out of my f***ing life.” What really was startling is that a child is soon heard crying after as the woman shouts again. She also apparently throws something again, and she starts screaming again when the man bolts after her.

It was a very scary thing for those on Twitch to witness live. Once police arrived on scene, they reported that two children ages 3 and 20 months were at home during the incident. Luckily the woman suffered no serious injuries but according to police, she was “distressed and shaken” by the entire incident. Hopefully, the woman and her children will be okay now. Had it not been for the livestream, no one would know what was going on behind closed doors. We wish the best to the family affected by the incident.


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