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Even more leaks have popped up regarding the upcoming Cars arriving in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3. Over the weekend, we learned the exact date the vehicles will come to the game – July 21 – thanks to a leak. While Epic Games itself didn’t confirm this, it’s rare to see prominent Fortnite data-miners be inaccurate about future content. Speaking of, leakers have also learned what specific Car types will arrive in Fortnite along with statistics for each type.

What Cars will come to Fortnite?

In total, the game files currently hold four different classes and six total unique vehicles. While Epic Games could add more as time goes on, these are what players should expect out of the gate. However, we don’t currently know if every unique Car will arrive with the July 21 update.

Fortnite leakers @HYPEX and @iFireMonkey managed to data-mine the types and statistics for every vehicle. Along with this, they also discovered the stats for the Gas Pump Hose, which is how the vehicles will stay fueled. The Gas Pump Hoses will supposedly be filled with gasoline that can be found as floor loot.

As we can see from iFireMonkey’s tweet, the game has four Car classes: Large, Medium, Small, and Truck. Within these classes lie six types, which include Basic Car, Basic Truck, Big Rig, Police Car, Taxi Cab, and Sports Car. We’ve already seen a majority of these types in the various Fortnite Season 3 trailers.

According to the data-mined stats, it appears the lowest health for any Car will be 800 and increase up to over 1,200. There will also be boosting available for each Car and a certain amount of usable fuel. Once you run out, you’ll need to equip your gasoline to refuel the vehicle using a Gas Pump Hose.

In the second tweet, we can see that the Gas Pump Hose has a fairly large range. This likely means you won’t need to be directly near a Hose to fill up your Car.

Though plans can change, it looks like Cars will arrive in Fortnite Season 3 on July 21. Until then, keep up with Daily Esports for any updates and all Fortnite news.

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