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Fortnite: Battle Royale data miner fnbrInsider has revealed that the game may be adding 15 new servers around the world. Players in many countries previously had to connect to far away servers, which led to ping problems. In a competitive game like Fortnite, a player’s ping compared to his/her opponent can drastically impact the game. Now, these players may be able to play with reduced latency.

New Fortnite servers


Some of the servers include places like Bahrain, Mumbai, Belgium, Montreal, Zürich, Canada, Finland, Moscow, and the Netherlands. Others include Asian servers like Seoul, Singapore, and Taiwan. Finally, there are also a few additional United States servers on the list, which consist of Oregon, Iowa, and South Carolina. However, there are still no servers to see in the South American region.

The replies to the original and second tweet showing IPs of the servers offer differing results. Some players describe getting a very low ping with the Bahrain server. However, others describe a much higher ping instead of the desired result. There is a chance that the servers haven’t been activated yet. Currently, the main consensus is that the addition of new servers should help a lot in the Middle East, where the average ping is 120.

Leak validity

Epic Games has neither confirmed nor commented on the validity of the server leaks. One person replied to the original tweet commenting that the IPs have been there since a long time ago. This could mean that the IPs are meant to be used for another purpose instead.

Are you excited that Fortnite may be adding new servers for other countries? What is the ping you currently get while playing the game? Let us know in the comments, and as always, keep up with all of the latest Fortnite news and content here at Daily Esports.