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Over the years, there have been dozens of crossover events to arrive in Fortnite. Epic Games has teamed up with numerous publishers, entertainment giants, and other entities to bring events and cosmetics to the ever-popular battle royale. Most recently, rumors about a crossover event centered around The Last of Us were swirling around the Fortnite community. The series, developed by Naughty Dog, is hugely popular with fans around the world; it’s also a controversial one, constantly sparking debates on the Internet. While fans were excited to possibly get some Last of Us skins in Fortnite, the Co-President of Naughty Dog has shut down any crossover dreams.

The rumor mill over the Fortnite and Last of Us crossover event began earlier this summer. Prominent leakers within the Fortnite community, such as @ShiinaBR, began reporting that the crossover was in the works. The leakers provided details over what the event could contain, which most notably included Joel and Ellie skins.

However, Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann seemingly had enough of those rumors. In a tweet on July 24, Druckmann stated that he loved Fortnite, but a Last of Us crossover was not happening.

He was responding to a tweet from ShiinaBR, which went over what the possible Last of Us crossover could include. ShiinaBR has since deleted the tweet after Druckmann struck down the rumor. ShiinaBR responded themselves, apologizing for the confusion.

“I was overconfident, too many people talked to me about a possible collaboration within just a few days,” the leaker explained. “This led me to believe that this collaboration was as good as confirmed, when in fact it obviously was not.  I should have marked my post as a rumor.”

It was thought that the crossover could release around the same time as the upcoming remake of the first Last of Us title, which is set for September of this year. Epic Games has often put on events and released skins to promote other video game title releases. However, it appears that The Last of Us won’t be joining the ranks of those games in Fortnite.

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