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Fortnite is getting its first PVE tournament with the Fortnitemares Cup on Oct. 23. Teams will compete against hordes of NPC-controlled monsters in order to survive and unlock a few Halloween-themed cosmetics.

The tournament will take place in a mode called Horde Rush. A returning special game mode, Horde Rush has players handle wave after wave of computer-controlled enemies. Challenges for the mode were added in the most recent update to the battle royale.

Take part in the Fortnitemares Cup

Fortnitemares is a regular Halloween event within Fortnite | Provided by Epic Games

The tournament will run from 1:00 a.m ET on Oct. 23 to 1:00 pm ET on Oct. 24. It should be much easier than previous public Fortnite tournaments, as you won’t be facing other players for a chance to unlock items. All players will need to do is reach a certain point threshold to unlock the following item:

  • Loading Screen – 500 points
  • Feeling Wrathful Spray – 1000 points
  • Ghoul-d Game Emoticon – 2000 points

Teams will be able to wrack up points within five matches of Horde Rush within the Fortnitemares Cup. There will be no fill options, players will need to find their teams beforehand. There are usually threads on r/FortniteBR if you don’t have anyone to play with.

There will also be a global leaderboard that teams can grind for a place on. Every 1,000 points earned in Horde Rush will be counted as 1 tournament point. A team’s total score will be accumulated after five matches are played.

Fortnite Season 8 launched in September with a revamped XP system. Players complained about it so Epic Games made some drastic changes. Players can now earn 45,000 XP for daily quests, 75,000 XP for weekly quests and more for character-specific quests. Fans of the battle royale still aren’t happy with the variety of quests, but they have no reason to be upset about how much XP Fortnite is currently giving out.

Players can enter the Fortnitemares Cup by going to the ‘Compete’ tab within Fortnite.

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